The Children’s Cancer Fund 26th Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show


Children’s Cancer Fund

Today the Children’s Cancer Fund holds its 26th Annual Luncheon and fashion show benefiting children’s cancer research at Children’s Medical Center. The event brings together children, celebrities and sponsors for a heartwarming experience. The Luncheon is not only meant to raise money, but also to serve as a positive social-psychological experience for children undergoing cancer treatment. In the words of the CCF: “The Luncheon and fashion show is a day to rejoice in our successes, reflect on our losses and look forward to making childhood cancer curable.”

The Children’s Cancer Fund is a nonprofit organization in Dallas that raises funds to benefit pediatric cancer research and treatment programs in North Dallas. The CCF has donated more than $2.5 million to Children’s since 1986. The organization is an incredible supporter of Children’s and works closely to champion kids in their fight against cancer. I am delighted to attend such an important event put on by an organization so supportive of Children’s Medical Center that is creating a brighter future for kids with cancer.


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Cyndi Bassel is senior vice president of Children’s Medical Center Foundation and vice president of Children’s Medical Center. Active in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region, Mrs. Bassel is a member of numerous community and charitable organizations.


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